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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the Purchase of Gizmos Licenses from ExploreLearning (Sole-Source Provider), a Division of LAZEL, Inc. (Office of Teaching and Learning)
ExploreLearning will provide an online subscription service of math and science Gizmos for grades 6-12.  The ExploreLearning license fees include: annual site licenses for school administrators, science and math teachers, and students; and ongoing upgrades and maintenance, including additional Gizmos to be developed based upon the Florida Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Gizmos drive inquiry and exploration by providing students with a platform to collect and analyze data in real time while developing a strong conceptual understanding of math and science.  Gizmos are versatile tools that may be used by teachers in a whole class or small group instruction, individualized homework, and formative assessment.  Multiple evaluation measures support continued use of Gizmos.  Differentiated features within Gizmos correlate with effective teaching behaviors included on the District's Teacher Observation Instrument.  During the past year, students and teachers accessed over 280,000 Gizmos.  Students who utilize Gizmos most often scored significantly higher than other students on both the State Science Assessment and the Biology End of Course assessments.

In accordance with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Purchasing Policy 6A-1.012(12)(d), commodities or contractual services available from only a single source may be exempted from the competitive solicitation requirements.  When a district school board believes that commodities or contractual services are available only from a single source as specified by the FLDOE, the district school may negotiate on the best terms and conditions with the single source vendor.
• Improve the high school graduation rate
Funds in the amount of $310,167.62 will be available in the Supplemental Academic Instruction budget - Project 4628.  As of October 24, 2017, the remaining balance less encumbrances for this line item equaled $2,697,554.92.
Evaluation continued on attachment.
SUBMITTED BY:  Deborah Cook, Chief Academic Officer, Office of Teaching and Learning
Larry R. Plank, Ed.S., Director, K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Gretchen Saunders   Dr. Alberto Vázquez
Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
  Chief of Staff
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    C 6.14
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