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DATE: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
GB Global Research & Education Foundation, Inc. Commits to Providing Charging Stations in Every Classroom Through Their “Take Charge4Life” Community Outreach Initiative (Outreach and School Improvement)
As a local nonprofit organization that dedicates its resources to the development of research and education programs for the betterment of our lives, GB Global Foundation, a not-for-profit private operating foundation, focuses on healthy sustainable lifestyles for individuals, communities, and society as a whole.  The "Charge4Life" Community Outreach Initiative is part of the GB Global Foundation’s charitable mission which is committed to providing state of the art charging stations for users of mobile devices to ensure that they will have a reliable means to sustain their battery life when and where needed. The charging stations provide a practical benefit to students, staff and community members by giving them an effective means to keep their mobile devices charged up while present in our public schools. These state of the art charging stations have no internet connectivity but function as "rapid chargers". In fact, research indicates that "low battery anxiety" is occurring more frequently in our digital society where panic and fear of losing power or connectivity to their digital device (phone) increases as battery life decreases.

The "Take Charge4Life" Workforce Initiative is an integral ancillary program to support the "Charge4Life" mission by creating a path toward new employment opportunities for young adults who have aged out of foster care, and for unaccompanied young adults who find themselves without a permanent home.  Participants in the GB Global Foundation’s "Take Charge4Life" program are given the opportunity to work under the mentorship offered through GB Foundation’s Take Charge4Life institute, where American veterans who have recently completed their active duty commitments after returning home, are being recruited to serve as educational trainers and mentors—a win-win for both mentors and their trainees to come together to make a difference in our community.

Implementation will occur in phases and will prioritize high schools to begin in spring 2018. The "Take Charge4Life" Community Outreach Initiative supports state and district technology long term strategic objectives.
• Engage and communicate with families and stakeholders • Continuously improve processes and systems • Establish a strong foundation of financial stewardship • Demonstrate "best practices" in all aspects of safety: student, employee, visitor, facility, transportation, and health • Construct and maintain facilities that create an environment conducive to teaching and learning
This item has no direct financial impact on the district.  However, the donation of as many as 21,000+ units is valued at more than 55 million dollars for units and upkeep.
The district will query school leaders to measure varying outcomes of this onsite technology enhancement and will provide feedback to the GB Global Foundation as it strives to measure the goal of improving connectivity to others though our mobile communication devices by reducing stress and insecurity associated with "low battery anxiety", which in turn increases a better sense of well-being and improves the ability for focused thought.  The district will meet regularly, and as necessary, to evaluate whether technology needs are being adequately met, as well as to monitor the integration of technology as it has become an expected learning outcome and strategy for preparing our students for life.
SUBMITTED BY:  MaryLou Whaley, Director, Community Engagement & Philanthropy
Larry Sykes, Ed.D.   Dr. Alberto Vázquez
Assistant Superintendent, Outreach and School Improvement
(813) 231-1874
  Chief of Staff
(813) 272-4986
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