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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, May 1, 2018
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve Agreement for Technical Services with Scholastic, Inc., for EDGE Materials in Accordance with the State Mandated Third Grade Summer Reading Camp (Office of Teaching and Learning)
According to Florida Statute 1008.25(7), school districts must provide access to Summer Reading Camps for third grade students scoring Level 1 on the Florida Standards Assessment – English Language Arts. Summer Reading Camps must include daily intervention through small group differentiated instruction.  Classrooms must have leveled instructional materials that meet the diverse reading needs of students.  Additional leveled materials are needed at the 36 Summer Camp sites to accommodate the students who will be attending from feeder schools.  Scholastic EDGE kits provide systematic vocabulary instruction, scaffolded complex text, and engaging fiction and nonfiction texts.  Teacher support is provided through a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and professional development is aligned to the Language Arts Florida standards.  Three kits will be purchased for each Summer Reading Camp site and 20 additional extension level kits will be purchased for sites to extend instruction as needed.

In accordance with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Purchasing Policy 6A-1.012(11)(b), the requirement for requesting competitive solicitations for commodities or contractual services from three or more sources is hereby waived as authorized by Section 1010.04(4)(a), F.S., for purchase by district school boards of educational services and any type of copyrighted materials where such materials are purchased directly from the owner of the copyright.
• Improve the high school graduation rate
Funds in the amount of $399,902 will be available in the K-12 Comprehensive Research-Based Reading Plan budget.  The project number specific to this agenda is 4528.  The funds needed for the remainder of the first contract term will be budgeted in fiscal year 2018/2019.  If funds are needed that will exceed the amount remaining prior to June 30, 2018, the department will transfer funds from other appropriate and allowable accounts that are tracking under budget, or delay purchases until the next fiscal year.
Analysis will be completed to determine the number of Summer Camp attendees that meet promotion criteria through one of the following FLDOE approved alternative reading assessments: Stanford Select, i-Ready, or through an FLDOE approved Student Portfolio process.
SUBMITTED BY:  Lynn Dougherty-Underwood, Director, Literacy
Deborah Cook   Gretchen Saunders
Chief Academic Officer, Teaching and Learning
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  Chief Business Officer
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    C 6.14
Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida) * Mtg.#20180501_871 (Board Meeting followed by Public Hearing) * Section C Item# 6.14