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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, May 1, 2018
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work with Vision Computer Programming Services, Inc., (VCPS) for a Consolidated Campus Information System (CIS) (Workforce Connections)
This Statement of Work for the Workforce Connections Division CIS is a real-time hands-on system with abilities to include managing and distributing more than $4 million dollars in Federal (Title IV), State, and local financial aid including Veteran's Administration, Bright Futures, Florida Prepaid, and other local sponsoring agencies.  This is an operational requirement that we do not have through Mainframe or any other district-available resource. Additionally, CIS provides an effective means to track student attendance, student grades, advisory committees, apprenticeships, class scheduling, achievement gap analyses, and accreditation reporting requirements for federal, regional, state, and local agencies. 

VCPS consolidates data from the systems currently used at our Technical Colleges and Adult Education Schools and establishes a unified Workforce Connections Division CIS.  Redundancy in development efforts is eliminated thereby reducing future development and support costs.  Using a single CIS version improves campus-to-campus compatibility allowing for easier long-range planning and cross-campus support.  
VCPS is a sole source provider for the Workforce Connections Division CIS and is currently used within Hillsborough County Public Schools.
• Continuously improve processes and systems
Funds are not to exceed $110,880 from the period beginning July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019.  Funding is provided by Workforce Education funds.  VCPS will receive payments for services on a monthly basis upon receipt of invoices for completed work with no additional fees for travel or per diem expenses.
The CIS provides a graphic user interface for Postsecondary Adult Vocational and Adult Education that allows for dozens of administrators and hundreds of teachers to work with real-time data to make timely and effective decisions.  In 2015/2016, we worked with more than 126,000 student records that were submitted to the state.  In 2016/2017, we worked with more than 140,000 student records.  It is currently estimated that we will work with even more student records this year.

The Workforce and Continuing Education Department will continue to oversee and monitor the conduct of these services, including the review of the deliverables and the organization of District resources needed for this project.
SUBMITTED BY:  Darrell R. Faber, Director, Workforce and Continuing Education
Warren S. Brooks   Gretchen Saunders
Workforce Connections Officer, Workforce Connections
(813) 231-1860
  Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
    C 6.13
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