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Action Item
DATE: Wednesday, August 1, 2018
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the New Job Descriptions for Assistant Manager, Sponsorships; Creative Lead; and Program Manager, Citizen Information Center (Communications Office)
These three positions are new to the Communications Office and will support the communication efforts of the district. Two of the positions (Assistant Manager, Sponsorships and Creative Lead) make up a self-funded team and create a new revenue stream. The other position (Program Manager, Citizen Information Center) repurposes a currently existing but vacant Program Manager unit from another department. The Assistant Manager, Sponsorships, will increase the district’s financial stability by developing new sponsorship opportunities within our district.  The Creative Lead will use exceptional graphic design skills and project management experience to develop a variety of visual materials in a range of media; develop new materials that drive innovation in the fields of marketing and sponsorships; and oversee brand standards for the district.  The Program Manager, Citizen Information Center will oversee several aspects of the process that connects members of our community with information, including managing public records, supporting School Board members and others in answering questions from members of the public, and establishing and managing the new lobbyist registry.
All Strategic Objectives
The Assistant Manager, Sponsorships and Creative Lead initially will be funded from Part 1 funds; that funding will be replaced by revenue from sponsors as the revenue is received. The remaining position will be funded from Part 1 funds.  The salary ranges of these positions are:
  • Assistant Manager, Sponsorships (X01): $59,587.37 to $90,077.72 (A commission of 6% will be paid based on gross revenue.  Quarterly payment will be made after receipt of funds from sponsors.)
  • Creative Lead (NONREP PG 30): $44,163.68 to $69,605.36
  • Program Manager, Citizen Information Center (NONREP PG 30): $44,163.68 to $69,605.36
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