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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, September 6, 2016
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the Increase in Expenditures for Invitation to Bid (ITB) #14115-EST TV Studio Equipment - Purchase, Installation, Repair, and Related Parts (Business Services Division)
On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, the Board approved the award to Encore Broadcast Solutions for the purchase, installation, and repair of TV studio equipment including items such as camcorders, microphones, and sound systems.  At the time of award, expenditures were estimated to be approximately $200,000 based on recent years' trends and known upcoming projects.  

At this time, it is necessary to renovate the Board production area with modern equipment to replace the antiquated technology that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.  To date, one of the robotic cameras is no longer functioning properly and due to age, parts are no longer available.  Updating the equipment will provide greater functionality and use of the space.  Additionally, it will allow for videoconferencing and make it easier for the community when coming before the Board to speak due to an enhanced microphone and video queuing systems, as well as provide a better connection for those watching at home.

Encore has designed a system meeting district requirements, pursuant to the previously awarded agreement. The cost for the equipment and associated installation services by Encore Broadcast Solutions is $260,705.21, and when combined with the previously estimated annual expenditures of $200,000.00, Board approval for the increase is now requested.

• Establish a strong foundation of financial stewardship • Construct and maintain facilities that create an environment conducive to teaching and learning
In addition to the districtwide expenditures previously approved, funds in the amount of $260,705.21 will be available in local millage for this renovation.  For tracking purposes, the project number specific to this agenda item is 8613.  As of Thursday, August 25, 2016, the remaining balance less encumbrances for this line item equaled $261,191.07.
Contract administration or evaluation is performed by the Project Manager (end user) and Procurement Officer, who function as a team. Reviews are conducted face to face, typically quarterly, or by utilizing an online vendor performance report. Prior to soliciting a new contract, the Contract Administration team must first give consideration to the specifications and supporting data of the expiring contract.
SUBMITTED BY:  Corey A. Murphy, General Manager, Procurement Services
Christopher Farkas, Chief Operating Officer
Gretchen Saunders   Dr. Alberto Vázquez
Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
  Chief of Staff
(813) 272-4986
    C 6.24
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