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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the EDPlan License and Related Services Agreement from Public Consulting Group Inc., (Sole Source Provider) (Academic Support and Federal Programs)
A threat assessment is a proven method of early intervention that can help prevent acts of violence in school environments. The Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) module facilitates adherence and implementation of the State of Florida’s threat assessment legislative requirements proposed in Senate Bill 7030 and the district’s threat assessment policies and procedures. The use of BTA Solution will assist in the implementation and online documentation of a consistent, structured approach to identify and support students who present a potential risk of violence/aggression or other self-destructive behaviors. This agreement will ensure appropriate communication and mitigate district/school community risk and liability. 

The initial term of this contract shall be for a 3-year period beginning July 17, 2019, with two 1-year renewals. There is a 30-day termination for convenience clause included in this contract. All prices offered are firm against any increase for the initial 3-year term. This contract may be renewed by the Superintendent, per the terms of the specifications.

In accordance with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Purchasing Policy 6A-1.012(12)(d), commodities or contractual services available only from a single source may be exempted from the competitive solicitation requirements. When a district school board believes that commodities or contractual services are available only from a single source as specified by the FLDOE, the district school board may negotiate on the best terms and conditions with the single source vendor.
• Demonstrate "best practices" in all aspects of safety: student, employee, visitor, facility, transportation, and health
Funds in the amount of $379,000 will be available from the General Fund for Year 1 implementation and subscriptions. Funds in the amount of $264,000 will be available from the General Fund for Year 2 and ongoing.
Quantitative Data on the Threat Assessment Database will be collected and evaluated quarterly to assess the appropriate utilization of the BTA modules. Multi-disciplinary team training records will be maintained to ensure teams are efficient at utilizing the new threat assessment system. Discussions on outcomes to identify areas for support and intervention will be completed during quarterly District BTA Team meetings among the Chief of Security and Emergency Management, Student Services, Administration, Exceptional Student Education, and other appropriate staff. 
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