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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve Disposal of Obsolete Stores Inventory (Business Services Division)
In accordance with School Board Policy 7310, the Board will approve the disposition of material and equipment that has been determined to be obsolete or is no longer usable.  Disposal will be by sale to the highest bidder, or by proper waste removal.  The Technology Repair Department and CCTV\LAN Department has recently merged their parts inventories and have identified the attached list of stock items as obsolete.  The majority of these items were used in the networking of portable classrooms and with the migration away from portable use, these items are no longer utilized and have become obsolete.
• Continuously improve processes and systems • Establish a strong foundation of financial stewardship
There is no additional cost to the district, however, the stores inventories in the General Ledger will be decreased by $103,327.01.  All proceeds received from the sale or auction of the items will be deposited into the General Fund.
SUBMITTED BY:  Jeffrey A. Robison, Accountant II, Property Control
Gretchen Saunders   Dr. Alberto Vázquez
Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
  Chief of Staff
(813) 272-4986
    C 6.08
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