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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, June 27, 2017
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve the Memorandum of Agreement Between Children's Home Society of Florida, University of South Florida, University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc., Tampa Family Health Centers, and Innovation Place for the Development and Maintenance of the Mort Community Partnership School Model (Academic Support and Federal Programs Division)
The Community Partnership School Model (community partnership), used throughout the nation, can be defined as a school's alliance with community resources with an integrated focus on academics, health issues, social services, and community engagement to improve student learning, build stronger families, and create healthier communities.

The continuation of the community partnership at Mort Elementary School will afford its students and families the opportunity to access and receive widely needed, wraparound services.  This community partnership will assist families in accessing resources to obtain secure housing, food, clothing, employment, and other needed services.  The faculty and staff will strive to provide for the immediate needs of families by expanding the capacity of the existing resources available on campus, such as the food pantry and clothing closet.  A Parent Resource Center will be established and maintained; wellness activities and classes will be planned based on input from the students and community.  A Leadership Council, comprised of program partners, will oversee the development and ongoing maintenance of the community partnership at Mort Elementary School to meet the evolving needs of the students and community being served.
All Strategic Objectives
Children's Home Society of Florida will cover all costs to employ the Community School Director, Mental Health Counselor, After School Programs Coordinator, School Health Programs Coordinator, and the Parent and Community Outreach Coordinator.  The district will provide office space, custodial services, and phone service when feasible.
Children's Home Society of Florida will provide the district with quarterly and annual reports to include comprehensive project outcome data.
Kristine Hensley, Supervisor, Student Services
Holly Saia, Ed.S. Director, Student Services
Tracye H. Brown   Dr. Alberto Vázquez
Assistant Superintendent, Academic Support and Federal Programs
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  Chief of Staff
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