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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, August 1, 2017
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve Contract Renewal for Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School (Chief of Schools)
Charter legislation includes a provision for the renewal of a charter contract for those schools that have successfully completed their contract term.  The district’s process for contract renewal consideration includes the submission of a letter of intent to renew the contract, a comprehensive program review, an update of the charter application, and the development of a new contract.

Consistent with established procedures, a district review team assessed the school’s performance relevant to student achievement, finance, governance, administration, curriculum and instruction, and assessment.

Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School is requesting a 15-year contract. According to Florida Statute 1002.33(7)19(b)1..."charter schools operating for a minimum of three (3) years and demonstrating exemplary academic programming and fiscal management are eligible for a 15-year charter renewal".  F.S. 1002.33(7)19(b)2 further states, "The 15-year charter renewal...shall be granted to a charter school that has received a school grade of "A" or "B" pursuant to s.1008.34 in three (3) of the past four (4) years and is not in a state of financial emergency or deficit position...".  Based on the requirements of the referenced statute, Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School’s performance over the past eight years, and the work of the review team, it is recommended that Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School receive a 15-year contract commencing on July 1, 2017, and ending on June 30, 2032.

Attached is a school profile and a report of the review teams findings and recommendations. The application update is an original document, including a budget submitted by Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School, and will be Appendix I of the contract, and available for review in the Charter School Office.
All Strategic Objectives
The charter school’s enrollment projection of 595 students will generate approximately $3,557,105 in Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) (Part I) funds. The school district retains a two percent administrative fee for up to and including 250 students ($28,892) of FEFP funds to offset services provided by the district.  The school will also qualify for categorical, capital outlay, and grant funds as appropriate and allowed by Florida statutes.
Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School will receive monitoring on an annual basis.  Student achievement, as well as fiscal management, will be assessed through test data and financial reports. At five-year intervals, a more thorough review will take place, including an on-site visit by a review team. If at any time during the contract period the school does not meet its academic or fiscal obligations, the contact can be terminated. 

During the 2031/2032 school year, Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School will participate in another contract renewal process which will include, but not be limited to, site visits, quarterly monitoring of student achievement, monthly monitoring of financial records, and a comprehensive district review. 
SUBMITTED BY:  Jenna Hodgens, General Director, Charter Office
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