Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
Tuesday, 07/07/2020
School Board Meeting

B6.07 - Approve Piggyback #20109-PGB-CJ of the Agreement Between MooreCo, Inc. and the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) - Request for Proposal (RFP) #07-54 (Finance Division)


On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the Region 14 Education Service Center, Texas, issued an RFP on behalf of NCPA which provides that any county, city, special district, local government, school district, private K-12 school, higher education institution, state, other government agency, healthcare organization or nonprofit organization may purchase products and services through this contract. Upon award, the master agreement is administered by NCPA. 

If approved, the District will utilize this agreement for the purchase of classroom furniture for Belmont Elementary School and Tampa Heights Elementary School. Furniture to be ordered under this agreement includes activity tables, student chairs, student desks, student stools, teacher desks, and teacher stools.

The first term of the NCPA agreement is from September 1, 2017, through September 30, 2020, with two additional 1-year renewals. This agreement may be terminated at any time. This contract will be reviewed and evaluated and may be renewed by the Superintendent, per the terms of the specifications. 

In accordance with the Florida Department of Education, Purchasing Policy 6A-1.012(6), in lieu of requesting competitive solicitations from three or more sources, district school boards may make purchases at or below the specific prices from contracts awarded by other city or county governmental agencies, or other district school boards, community colleges, federal agencies, the public or governmental agencies of any state, or from state university system cooperative bid agreements.

Gap Analysis

The District requires vendors to provide classroom furniture for school sites.  

Previous Outcomes

This is a new piggyback for the District. 

Expected Outcomes

Upon approval, the District expects the vendor to provide the requested goods and services according to the terms and conditions listed in the agreement. The awarded vendor is:

MooreCo, Inc.

Strategic Plan Goal

* Provide a student-centered learning environment that engages every child

* Establish a strong foundation of financial stewardship

* Construct and maintain facilities that create an environment conducive to teaching and learning


Approve the piggyback of the agreement between MooreCo, Inc and NCPA.


Corey A. Murphy, General Manager, Procurement Services, corey.murphy@hcps.net, (813) 272-4374
Christopher Farkas, Chief of Operations, christopher.farkas@hcps.net, (813) 272-4004

Financial Impact

Based on estimated quantities, $900,000 will be available in Capital Funds. For tracking purposes, the project number assigned for these purchases is 8614.

Review Comments

Contract administration and evaluation is performed by the Project Manager (the "End User") and the Procurement Officer, who function as a team, by utilizing an online vendor performance report or via in-person reviews. The evaluation consists of an assessment of the vendor-provided goods and services, deliverables, and compliance with contractual requirements. The resulting data will support renewal decisions and/or alterations to a new agreement.

Gretchen Saunders , Chief Financial Officer (813) 272-4270