Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
Tuesday, 07/07/2020
School Board Meeting

B5.01 - Approval to Waive the Facility Usage Fees for the Bullard Family Foundation Summer Technology Camp at Sligh Middle School (Chief of Schools)


The Bullard Family Foundation would like to host a Summer Technology Camp for 45 Sligh Middle Magnet School students and are requesting a waiver of rental fees. The students will be divided into 3 groups of 15 that will learn Coding and App Development, Video Game Design and Video Production. School Board policy permits outside agencies or organizations to request use of school facilities with the agreement that these organizations pay a rental fee and provide a certificate of insurance. Organizations that are non-profit and provide service to the community can request waiver of rental fees.

Gap Analysis

Middle school students in high poverty communities like Sligh Middle School have less access to free enrichment and learning programs over the summer.

Previous Outcomes


Expected Outcomes

Students who attend the summer program regularly or at least 80% of the time will gain experience and knowledge that will positively impact student achievement.

Strategic Plan Goal

* Engage and communicate with families and stakeholders




Kim Bays, Chief of Schools, Administration and Leadership Development, kim.bays@hcps.net, (813) 272-4071

Financial Impact

There is no cost to the school district for waiver of rental fees.

Review Comments


Kim Bays, Chief of Schools, Administration and Leadership Development (813) 272-4071