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  1. The School Board welcomes comments from members of the public on matters related to the school district. To ensure that members of the public have a convenient and timely opportunity to speak, the Board has established a set of guidelines. The School Board reserves the right to suspend the guidelines during specially called meetings or other unusual circumstances.
  2. Please understand that although we respect your right to speak, we cannot allow disorderly behavior, personal attacks, or disruptive conduct. If you persist, we reserve the right to silence the microphone.
  3. There will be a total of 45 minutes allowed for public comment, immediately following administrative appointments.
  4. Speakers will be granted three (3) minutes to address a single agenda item, or a total of five (5) minutes to address two or more agenda items. When 10 or more speakers wish to speak to the same agenda item, speaking time will be reduced to two (2) minutes per speaker. Speakers can sign up online or must sign up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. All speakers must check in with the Communications staff at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. During the 45 minute time allotment, speakers who wish to address an agenda item will be given priority over those wishing to make general comments.
  5. If there are still speakers after the 45 minute allotted time ends, the remainder of the speakers will be moved to an overflow time, prior to the vote on items pulled from the consent agenda. During the overflow time, speakers who wish to address an agenda item will, once again, be given priority.
  6. The guidelines above will be in effect for most School Board meetings. However, the Board chair may, on occasion, seek consensus among Board members to revise or suspend the guidelines as circumstances (such as a Board meeting scheduled at an unusual time) warrant.