Hillsborough County Public Schools Curriculum and Instruction
Action Item

DATE: Tuesday, August 5, 2008
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent


Request Approval of Activities Calendar for Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, 2008/2009- $50,000 (Curriculum and Instruction Division)


The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) activities calendar is developed and presented to the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida for approval each year. Colonel Howard Swanson, Senior Ranking Officer, has provided the attached list of JROTC co-curricular activities for October 2008 through September 2009. The activities represent 7 Army units, 9 Navy units, 7 Air Force units, and 1 Marine unit. These activities are an integral part of the JROTC curriculum. Approval of this calendar expedites the procedure for students to participate in related JROTC in-county and out-of-county activities for 24 high schools. The extent of participation is determined by available District funds and resources provided by the Armed Forces. 2,882 students participated in the program in 2007/2008. Through involvement in JROTC activities, students are able to make more meaningful career choices, reinforce occupational knowledge and skills, strengthen leadership capabilities, and improve personal attributes. Students excel from their participation in JROTC because of the recognition they receive, the confidence-building activities they undertake, and the opportunities provided to utilize practical and academic learning. JROTC integrates training and academics, and as a result, our community views this program as a significant source of well-prepared young men and women.


Goal1: The percentage of students scoring at Level 3 or higher on FCAT reading will increase a minimum of 5 percentage points.
Goal 2: The percentage of students scoring at Level 3 or higher on FCAT mathematics will increase a minimum of 5 percentage points.
Goal 3: Student performance on FCAT science will increase a minimum of 5 percentage points.
Goal 4: The percentage of students achieving a score of 4.0 or higher on FCAT Writing will increase a minimum of 5 percentage points.


A total of $50,000 is included in the general fund divisional budget for JROTC co-curricular activities. JROTC programs are FTE-earning and in 2007/2008 generated $1,659,942.


SUBMITTED BY: James Dieringer, District Resource Teacher, JROTC
 Kristine Henseley, Supervisor, Career and Technical Education

Pamela Campbell-Peralta
General Director, Career and Technical Education
(813) 231-1860
Wynne A. Tye
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
(813) 272-4221
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