Hillsborough County Public Schools Business
Action Item

DATE: Tuesday, August 5, 2008
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent


Accept the Lowest and Best Bids Submitted by Various Vendors - Invitation to Bid (ITB)#8129-MST Foster Elementary Fence (Business Division)


This bid was prepared at the request of the Maintenance Operations Department to establish fixed pricing for removal of old fence and installation of a new fence at Foster Elementary. Award of this contract shall be to the lowest overall bidder, as specified in the bid. This recommendation has been reviewed by the Maintenance Operations Manager. A more detailed review of the specifications can be obtained by contacting the Procurement Department.


As stated in OPPAGA report: “Efficient purchasing and warehousing require that management processes be in place to ensure that supplies, equipmen, and services vital to the school’s education mission are purchased from a competitive source, in the right quantity, delivered timely to the correct location, and stored in a secure location. These criteria should be met for each purchase without sacrificing quality.”


Funds of approximately $49,800 will be available in the Maintenance Operations Department budget for the purchase of Foster Elementary fence.


Contract administration or evaluation is performed by the Project Manager (end user) and Procurement Officer who function as a team. Reviews are conducted face to face, typically quarterly, or by utilizing an online vendor performance report. Prior to soliciting a new contract, the Contract Administration team must first give consideration to the specifications and supporting data of the expiring contract.

SUBMITTED BY: Jean R. Bowman, General Manager, Procurement Department

Cathy Valdes
Chief Facilities Officer
(813) 272-4004
Gretchen Saunders
Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
A 5.14
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