Hillsborough County Public Schools Facilities
Action Item

DATE: Tuesday, February 9, 2010
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent


Approve Land Exchange Between Hillsborough County, Artesian Farms, Inc., Centex Corporation and The School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida to Correct Site Boundaries for Lennard High School


On September 16, 2008, the School Board approved deeds of conveyance to Hillsborough County, Artesian Farms, Inc. and Centex Corporation to correct the site boundaries for Lennard High School. These site adjustments were required to accommodate both the street realignment of 22nd and 24th Streets in Ruskin and the boundaries for property acquired by the School Board from Artesian Farms, Inc. It has now been determined that all parties have completed the necessary title, survey and transfer documents for presentation and acceptance to each party. In order to comply with the requirements of the title underwriter, we have been requested to have our present Board re-execute the deeds of conveyance previously signed but never recorded into public record in 2008. After execution of the conveyance documents by the School Board, Artesian and Centex, they will be delivered to Hillsborough County Real Estate for presentation to the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners for acceptance and recording by the County Clerk.

The School Board will receive 3.77 acres from Artesian; Artesian will receive 3.29 acres from the School Board, and Centex and the County will receive 1.64 and 1.18 acres respectively as dedicated road right of way.

The deeds have been prepared by the School Board Real Estate Attorney and approved as to form and sufficiency.


* Demonstrate best financial practices, * Demonstrate "best practices" in all aspects of safety including students, employees, visitors, facilities, transportation, and health


Approval of the deeds for the land exchange between Hillsborough County, Artesian Farms, Inc., Centex Corporation and The School Board will have not financial impact on the Board.


SUBMITTED BY: Denise A. Taraschi, Property Specialist

Lorraine Duffy Suarez
General Manager, Growth Management & Planning
(813) 272-4685
Cathy L. Valdes
Chief Facilities Officer
(813) 272-4004
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