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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent
Accept the Highest Ranking Proposal from Lakeside Occupational Medical Centers, Inc. - Request for Proposal (RFP) #12118-MST Occupational Physical Examinations and Drug Testing (Business Division)
On August 8, 2012, the Procurement Department, in conjunction with the Safety and Risk Management Department, issued an RFP for professional services to provide physical examinations, drug testing, and random and post-accident drug and alcohol tests. The medical service provider yearly conducts over 6,500 physical examinations and required drug tests for pre-employment hires, exams for classifications where physical duties vary, return-to-work clearance, and other services as may be required by district policy and/or local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Three vendors responded to the solicitation and a committee of Safety and Risk Management Department personnel evaluated the proposals and recommended awarding to the highest ranked vendor, Lakeside Occupational Medical Centers, Inc.  Lakeside provided a proposal that was $114,000 lower than the next highest ranked vendor. Additionally, this proposal is a substantial savings over current pricing (due to increased discounts and modifications to some tests, as prescribed by the Safety and Risk Management Department and as stated in the RFP).

The initial term for this award shall be from November 14, 2012 through November 14, 2017, with two additional one-year renewal options.  This multi-year agreement allows for fixed pricing for three years with a one-time increase of 5 percent, beginning year four.  The RFP allows the district to terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice.  The Superintendent is authorized to approve any extension agreements, per the terms of the specifications.

• Align financial resources to support the district’s strategic goals • Demonstrate best financial practices
Expenditures were $243,250 for 2011/2012, and $167,759 for 2010/2011. Projected savings for the new contract are $60,500 in the first year and a total of $181,500 over the first three years of the contract.
Contract administration or evaluation is performed by the Project Manager (end user) and Procurement Officer, who function as a team. Reviews are conducted face to face, typically quarterly, or by utilizing an online vendor performance report. Prior to soliciting a new contract, the Contract Administration team must first give consideration to the specifications and supporting data of the expiring contract. 
SUBMITTED BY:  Jean Bowman, General Manager, Procurement Department
Daniel J. Valdez   Gretchen Saunders
Deputy Superintendent
(813) 272-4166
  Chief Business Officer
(813) 272-4270
    A 5.01a
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