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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent
Approve Memorandum of Agreement between the School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida and Hillsborough Kids Healthcare Foundation for the Provision of Services to Uninsured and Under-insured Children (Instructional Support Division)
With approval, the partnership between the School District of Hillsborough County, Florida and the Hillsborough Kids Healthcare Foundation will continue a project with the intent of increasing enrollment of the uninsured and under-insured children in Hillsborough County.   This partnership recognizes the funding and support of the University of South Florida’s Covering Kids and Families program.  Through this partnership, uninsured and under-insured children will be identified and their families will be provided information regarding enrollment assistance with Florida’s KidCare Programs. 
•┬áDemonstrate "best practices" in all aspects of safety including students, employees, visitors, facilities, transportation, and health
The district will provide technical assistance and support to Hillsborough Kids Healthcare Foundation for the development and implementation of the terms of this agreement.  The estimated cost of this assistance is $7,175.
The number of completed and submitted Florida KidCare applications will be used to determine the success of the program. The Management Team includes Melanie Hall, Executive Director of Hillsborough Kids Healthcare Foundation; Dr. Ken Gaughan, Supervisor of School Social Work Services; and Dr. Maria Russ, Supervisor of School Health Services. The team will meet regularly to assess the progress of this project.  If needed, additional changes will be made.
SUBMITTED BY:  Ken Gaughan, Supervisor, School Social Work Services
George E. Gaffney, Assistant Superintendent   Gretchen Saunders
Instructional Support Division
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  Chief Business Officer
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