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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
TO: School Board Members
FROM: MaryEllen Elia, Superintendent
Approve Memorandum of Agreement Between the School Board of Hillsborough County and the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa for the Provision of Coordinating Supplemental Tutoring, Social Work, and Counseling Services Offered by the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa (Student Services and Federal Programs Division)
Currently, over 1,250 children residing in the Tampa Housing Authority (THA) properties attend a Hillsborough County Public School. This Memorandum of Agreement will allow parents/legal guardians of children residing in THA properties to provide consent and authorization for the district to share specific data to THA for the purpose of providing supplemental services offered for parents and their children. Information to be released to THA may include school attendance, discipline incidents, grade level retentions, and norm-referenced assessments.

Based on the data received, THA will provide timely supplemental services, as needed, to eligible students and families.  These services may include academic tutoring offered by the district on THA properties, as well as social work and counseling services provided by the THA.  At present, 391 students have completed the Consent and Authorization form.  They represent 62 elementary, middle, and high schools.  THA will provide regular communication to school and district staff regarding the services being provided for students and families. Additionally, parent meetings, coordinated by district and THA staff, will be held at THA facilities for the purposes of disseminating important school level information, holding parent/teacher conferences, and providing training for parents.

•┬áIncrease promotion rates at all grade levels and the percentage of high school graduates
Title I, Part A: Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged, will allocate an amount not to exceed 10,000.00 to provide supplemental tutoring services to students residing in THA properties. All other costs for services will be the responsibility of the THA.
A review of the 2012-2013 data showed positive academic results for students residing in the THA community that completed the sharing of data consent form; 52 percent of the students made at least one year's worth of growth on the Reading Comprehension portion of Stanford and 57 percent made one year's worth of growth on the Stanford Total Math portion.  There were also positive behavior results showing a decrease in the out of school (OSS) suspensions by 23 percent for students participating in the THA consent program.
SUBMITTED BY:  MaryLou Whaley, Director
Parent/Community Involvement
Gretchen Saunders   Jeffrey Eakins
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  Deputy Superintendent
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