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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, March 24, 2015
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Acting Superintendent
Accept the Piggyback of the State of Florida Agreement #252-500-09-1 Mainframe and Other Software for the Purchase of IBM Passport Advantage Cognos TM1 Software Licenses through the IBM Corporation (Information and Technology Division)
Approval of this agenda item will provide additional IBM Cognos TM1 software licenses necessary to cover the implementation of the proposed unit allocation planning application.  The IBM Cognos TM1 software is distributed through IBM's Passport Advantage program that is IBM's method for software license and maintenance offerings of distributed software. The original purchase of Cognos TM1 software, approved by the School Board on the July 26, 2011, was used for the headcount planning application and is scheduled for use for the unit allocation planning application.  These licenses will provide for additional capacity for the TM1 system environments, as well as additional user licenses for access and use of TM1 for the unit allocation planning application.
•¬†Align the performance management system with the districts priorities
The cost for the additional IBM Cognos TM1 licenses as shown on the attached quote is $35,368 with an estimated annual 20 percent maintenance fee of $7,074. Funds are included in the Information and Technology Division budget for this expense.
Information Services management and staff monitor system utilization to ensure the district efficiently utilizes software licenses.
SUBMITTED BY:  Daniel I. Schultz, General Manager, Information and Technology Division
Anna L. Brown, Ed.D.   Gretchen Saunders
Chief Information & Technology Officer
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  Chief Business Officer
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    A 6.19
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