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Action Item
DATE: Tuesday, January 12, 2016
TO: School Board Members
FROM: Jeff Eakins, Superintendent
Approve Contract Renewal and Consolidation of Kid's Community College and Kid's Community College Middle Charter School with a Name Change to Kid's Community College Riverview South
Charter legislation includes a provision for the renewal of a charter contract for those schools that have successfully completed their contract term.  The district's process for contract renewal consideration includes the submission of a letter of intent to renew the contract, a comprehensive program review, and update of the charter application, and the development of a new contract. 

Consistent with established procedures, a district review team assessed the school's performance relevant to student achievement, finance, governance, administration, curriculum and instruction, and assessment.  Kid's Community College, Inc. and Kid's Community College Middle Charter School, Inc. are requesting a consolidation of their elementary and middle schools.  The consolidated school will be named Kid's Community College Riverview South.

Attached is a report of the review team's findings and recommendations (Attachment I). Staff recommends approval of a ten-year contract for Kid's Community College, Inc. (Attachment II).  An application update including a ten-year budget submitted by the school is Appendix I of the contract.

The attached application update is an original document submitted by Kid's Community College Riverview South.

• Demonstrate consistent and effective teaching methods • Motivate students to become responsible learners • Challenge and support all students with an appropriate curriculum • Demonstrate "best practices" in all aspects of safety including students, employees, visitors, facilities, transportation, and health
The Charter School enrollment of 568 students will generate $3,488,963 in Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) funds. The school district retains a five percent administrative fee for up to and including 250 students ($80,317) of FEFP funds, to offset services provided by the district. The school also receives approximately $86,818 in capital outlay funds from the Florida Department of Education.  The costs associated with the development of the contract, including district staff time and attorney fees, is approximately $10,000.
By June 30, 2025, Kid’s Community College Riverview South will participate in another contract renewal process which will include, but not be limited to site visits, quarterly monitoring of student achievement, monthly monitoring of financial records, and comprehensive district review.
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