Hillsborough Virtual School Online Application

The Hillsborough Virtual School Online application is for FULL-TIME enrollment.

The application below has questions that require an answer. Those are marked with an asterisk *

Application Info
We are currently accepting applications for both the 2018-19 school year (to begin classes January 8, 2019) as well as for Fall 2019-20.

Please read

Monitoring of academic progress by an adult is essential for student success. The adult identified in this section will be considered your student's Learning Coach. The Learning Coach will need to have basic knowledge of technology to monitor the student's weekly submissions and academic progress and assist the student with any technology issues that occur at the student level, such as printer issues, setting up computer files, downloading/uploading documents, answering/replying to emails, etc.

Please read this document: Click here for more information about the commitment of the Learning Coach

Learning Coach Name

first name, last name
Contact Information

first name, last name
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Area Code - Prefix - Number

Student Information
first name, middle initial, last name

Do you qualify for free and reduced lunch?
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Student Educational History
The HCPS Student Number is found on the report card. The counselors are also able to locate that number.
Student ever retained or held back?
*Does student have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), a 504 Plan, or any special needs?
Hillsborough Virtual School is a Choice school. We work hard to make virtual school a reality for all who desire. Exceptional education students can be accommodated through virtual in most cases. Before registration, families will meet with the counselor/admission team to evaluate student needs and discuss all your options.
*Student is currently a student of:
"HCPS" = Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida)
Submit Records

All students not enrolled in public school need to submit:

  • Latest report card, transcript, or evaluation.
  • Most recent standardized tests - FCAT or other state tests, Stanford, SAT, EOC, etc.

You have two options for sending us your documents:

  1. At the very end of this application, you will find the Attach/Upload Files area for uploading them from your computer.
  2. Alternate method: Directions for submitting documents can be found on the confirmation page upon completing this form. Any delay in receiving records will delay your application.
Check the box for "Yes"
We want to hear from you.
*Does student have previous online school experience?

Student Acceptable Use Guidelines To view, click here.

Students who do not abide by these terms and conditions will lose their login privileges and may be subject to their local school disciplinary procedures.

STUDENT AGEEMENT: I am indicating that I have read the Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG). I understand and agree to follow the Terms and Conditions for technology use. I understand any violation of the AUG will result in the loss of my user account, may result in other disciplinary action, the revoking of all network privileges and the possible referral to legal authorities. I agree to report any misuse of network resources to my teacher, Administrative staff or the district’s system administrators.

Testing Requirement

Required State Testing

Students in the HVS fulltime program are public school students and must take all state tests. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to the HVS office located at DW Waters Career Center for multiple days of testing. Please note if the fulltime student does not participate in state mandated testing, he or she is at risk of being withdrawn from HVS.

Student Responsibility

HVS Students should plan to commit at least 5 hours per week per class (30-35 hours per week). It is critical for students to maintain the pace set by their HVS teacher and to turn in work for every class each week. Also, students must maintain contact with their teachers. A student that is not reading and/or responding to emails, returning phone calls, and maintaining pace is considered truant and may receive a truancy referral. The Academic Integrity Policy forbids plagiarism. Violating this policy may result in a student's removal from virtual school.

Parent Responsibility

Parents must monitor student progress and maintain communication with teachers. If an address, email, or phone number changes, parents must notify the main HVS office to update, as well as update any online profiles.

Optional: Attach / Upload Files
You may attach up to six files. Accepted formats: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg
Alternative method: Email your files to us after you apply. Email to: Hillsborough.Virtual@sdhc.k12.fl.us. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME and the Student's Name on all documents/emails.

Thank you for considering Hillsborough Virtual School. This application is the first step towards full time virtual school.
Please understand that this application does not guarantee placement in Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS).